Garfield — not the big orange cat, the small Victorian town previously known as Cannibal Creek.

Marko and Lesley have had almost two months to settle into their new house — now it was time to visit and explore. Ten minutes on the highway out past Pakenham, Garfield is an old village on the rail line, now enjoying a resurgence as it turns into yet-another commuter suburb.

The new house was built by a stonemason and has an impressive solidity, thick slabs of stone make up all the external walls, with hundreds of opportunities for rock-climbers to make their way around the inside and outside! Oddities in construction and personal preferences in paints and layout mean that there’s plenty to keep the new occupants occupied for years to come. They’ve already removed a wall erected by the previous occupants and returned the lounge room to its original size, and the walls are bedaubed with test samples of paints.

Dinner at the “top pub” in nearby Bunyip — the pub in Garfield only does meals on Thursday and Friday nights. I had an enormous plate of Lamb Shanks, everyone else seemed to have equally large meals. Together with a good bottle of wine we all had a great time, then it was back to the house for coffee and samples from Mark’s three port barrels.


Garfield, Bunyip