Woo-hoo, that was fast. Eight days after , a shiny new iPod photo turned up this morning. Now comes the fun part — making it work with the PCs that I have. Laptop runs Windows XP, has a copy of all my photos, is almost running out of disk space, and only has a USB 1.1 connector. The desktop PC has a copy of all my photos, has heaps of disk space, has a USB 2 connector, but is running Linux. Initially installed iTunes on the laptop, and told it to save its music library on the Linux machine. No go, the USB 1.1 interface won’t work, not in any sort of reasonable time. Rebooting the desktop PC into XP, reinstalled all the iTunes and iPod software, danced the configuration dance, and it all seems to work. Now the desktop Windows PC imports photos from a share on the laptop and uploads them to the iPod, that is, when Windows XP doesn’t keep popping up itty-bitty messages telling me that my USB 2 port is a USB 2 port, and that a new device is or is not attached. Yuck. Its all too ugly.

Does anyone else feel that they need reading glasses to see the serial number on the back of these things? Talk about tiny letters and numbers, engraved into a mirror-like surface! Is that a 5 or an S?