Hardly a finish! More like a bit of a start. Some jiggery-pokery and I’ve got an XSL style sheet that generates passable pages for my most recent photos. The business of having them all in folders that represented individual films worked OK for the scanned APS films, but got a bit cumbersome with the digital images. It was also getting to be ridiculous maintaining parallel folder structures for photos and for everything else.

So what have I got? How does it all work?

  1. Fullsize JPG photo file comes out of the camera

  2. Titles are added to the images in Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 starter Edition

  3. GPS coordinates are added to the images with the Location Stamper from http://wwmx.org/.

  4. Websize and thumbnail JPG files are generated using ImageMagick

  5. EXIF data is extracted from the image to an N3 text file

  6. I edit the N3 files and add in the descriptions and any other bits and pieces, such keywords of what and who is depicted

  7. The N3 files become RDF, the RDF becomes HTML, the world sees the HTML.

For now I’ve got the titles and the descriptions displayed. See the rose on this page if you don’t believe me. Coming up Real Soon Now [tm] will be some form of handling of the tags β€” I promise.

Very ugly, not fully automated. All very piecemeal. But it’s mine, all mine… (cackling laugh trailing off into the distance)