The phone message said: “action this as it has issues” GAAKKK!! Please speak English. I must get down through my reading pile to Don Watson’s Death Sentence. Then I must club some of my cow-orkers to death with a copy.

Yeow! Our friends at Garry and Warren Smith Holden have now fixed the problem with the cooling system idiot light in Jo’s car. As suspected, the light was coming on because there was something wrong when the car was started and the engine was hot — not because the sensor needed recalibrating like they did last time! $580 to get the fan replaced, thanks Holden, that’s one bloody expensive fan on a four year old car!


This evening the cupboard was bare so we walked across the road to the shops for dinner at the local Japanese/Thai restaurant. The wasabi managed to make itself felt through my cold-dulled sense of taste!

Walking through the underpass at the Oakleigh station we saw a groovy old tandem that looked as though it was an ex-hire bike that had seen some hard life. On the way home we stopped to take a look at it, just as its owner arrived to ride off and catch the train. A very friendly and talkative Mexicali, he claimed his bike was over 80 years old — hard to believe, but its certainly seen some hard work and bush-mechanic repairs!

Sitting out in the garden as the house cooled down afterwards we could hear a possum in the old apricot tree, unconcerned with us watching, it forraged around before heading off into the orange tree to hollow out a few more ripe fruit. I managed a photo, even though it was so dark that it was pure guesswork to point the camera in the right direction.