A quick morning trip across the road to the markets. Curiosity had got the better of me, after I was wondering how many dodgy DVDs there’d be. Strangely enough — after the police raid last week — not one at any of the stalls! I did find myself a cheap pair of shoes for work — cheaper to buy them than to get my other ones repaired!

We missed the big noon start to the Chinese New Year festivities, but made it in by train for a couple of hours of lion dances, crowds and thunderous firecrackers. There seemed to be at least half a dozen of the lions, swirling and stomping and moving, never stopping, in and out of all the restaurants around Little Bourke street, chomping lettuce and spraying the crowds. So many short people in the crowds seemed to rely on cameras held above their heads, take a few photos in the right direction, pull the camera or phone down and see what they’d just photographed!