Perusing the local freebie newspaper at lunch time, out jumps the following little article that may explain the absence of dodgy DVDs from the market this as compared with last . I wonder how long it’ll be before the next one appears?

Pirated DVDs

Oakleigh detectives seized a large quantity of pirated DVDs at the Oakleigh Sunday Market in Hanover Street on Sunday, February 6.

A 37-year-old Dandenong man will appear later in Dandenong Magistrates Court.

Lunch was a lamb souvlaki in one of the Oakleigh cafés that I hadn’t managed to get to previously. Award winning, I think it said in some of the papers. The food was good, but certainly not earth shattering, I think my memories of the souvlakis in Toorak road are better — maybe it was just eating them at two in the morning that makes them taste better.

The weather keeps up its strange business of making Melbourne in summer time unpredictable. After yesterday’s heat, it was drizzly and grey again, there were probably things I should have done at home, but it was easier to escape into a book — first a novel, then my last paper notebook as I finished writing about the trip to .