Today 0km
Trip total 598km

A leisurely trip back down the Hume highway today, with a few more stops than normal. It seemed to be a national day of roadworks too, with long delays in Albury and between Euroa and Seymour for road rebuilding.

An hour-long break at Holbrook, our favourite town, where the stern of HMAS Otway has appeared in the park and seems to be part of a new exhibit to accompany the rest of the boat.

I wonder where the rest of the Oberon-class submarines are? Will have to find out what they all were, and where they’ve all ended up — there’s at least one in Fremantle, one in Hastings, one in Holbrook…

Another hour for lunch in Albury, a magnificent hamburger from one of my favourite cafés, the Mermaid — stuck in the traffic in North Albury I was almost tempted to get out of the car and walk on ahead to order the food!

From 20 °C in Yass and sunny at 9:30, the temperature gradually climbed to just under 30 at the NSW-Victoria border, then up to 36 °C by the time we reached Melbourne. A big change from the we drove home this way! We finally got home around 6 pm to discover that the tomato plants had all gone kind of crisp around the edges, but are still covered in green tomatoes.


Here they are then, the Orion-class submarines HMAS OXLEY, OTWAY, OVENS, ONSLOW, ORION and OTAMA. HMAS Oxley was scrapped, but the bow remains at the maritime museum in Fremantle (Western Australia), HMAS Otway is in Holbrook (NSW) in the park, HMAS Ovens is in Fremantle in the maritime museum, HMAS Onslow is in Sydney (NSW) at the national maritime museum. HMAS Orion is tied up alongside the naval base HMAS Stirling, in Western Australia. Finally, HMAS Otama sits off Hastings (Victoria), waiting to be made part of a proposed Naval Memorial park. So I’ve seen three of the six in person!