Seems we’ve had a few too many storms recently. The combination of high winds, rain, and loose, sandy soil doesn’t agree with the 6m tall peppermint gum in the back garden. Jo looked out the window this morning and realised that it is now leaning over at about 30° from the vertical, and dangerously close to pressing on the shed. A quick check back through some of my photos to when we moved here in October and we wondered how we hadn’t noticed sooner! Will it fall down and destroy the shed? Will it fall down and destroy the fence? Should we remove it?

The temporary solution was to cut off all the branches on the downwind side, and hope that the rest of the tree would not lean any further over.

Other than that, the weather made stepping out the house unpleasant and unlikely, so we stayed indoors and tried to put some order to the mayhem that is the front room — too much stuff and too little space is the fundamental problem! All those pieces of computers and electronics; they might come in handy some day…