OK, I’m guilty. I took a camera into the local shopping centre! A bizarre rule I know, but nearly every single shopping mall in the country seems to have sprouted signs in the last few years banning cameras. (I’m not sure what you are meant to do if you buy one inside).

Additionally, in some fit of wisdom, the management of the Oakleigh Centro have decided that keeping the doors open at night is a security hazard, and since everyone knows that the entire population of Australia drives everywhere in their cars, they lock all the doors except the one into the car-park and the one that is diametrically opposite the train and bus station on the far side of the building. Of course you can’t legally1 get into the car-park unless you drive, so all the people on foot who come from the bus and train station find themselves walking down the edge of the road, then through the car-park and finally up the stairs to get in!

All this brought on by seeing another reference to the maybecamera and http://wearcam.org/.


1 Perhaps legally, but only by disobeying the “No Pedestrians Allowed” signs that Centro have placed on both sides of the road into the car-park.