A fascinating invitation arrived in my inbox today from a restaurant. I think I put my email address down once long ago when we went there for a nice dinner, as a result, I periodically get offers for events that are completely out of my budget. The food and service were fantastic, but they need to work a little more on their email:

Wok Tossed Queensland Bug Meat1, Green Papaya, Macadamias, Spanish Onion, Chilli Salad, Passionfruit Mirin Dressing


Lightly Battered Yarra Valley Zucchini Flowers, Leaves2, Asian Pesto Dressing OR Crispy Fried Milawa Chicken & Country Tender Eye Fillet Salad, Mint, Peanuts, Shallots, Creamy Coconut Dressing


1 Mmmm, Queensland Bug Meat, is there a word missing here, or am I alone in somehow finding this one unappetising?

2 Leaves. Leaves of what? Anything in particular, or is it just leaves from the garden, from the tree, from the pot-plant in the corner?