OK, time for stage one. What do you do with all your favourite old t-shirts? Are they destined to be completely ephemeral, worn for a few years while fashionable (or unfashionable), then to be lobbed into the void or the rag-bag for all eternity? Or do we seek to preserve them in some unnatural way, a practical garment rendered impractical by being treated as something more than mere clothing?

So what prompted it? Comments a few weeks ago that my shirt of the day was past its prime, but was probably an old favourite, and what would I do when it finally became unwearable. Attempts to cram the washing away showed just how many t-shirts there are in my life… bands, a myriad of bike-ride shirts, artistic and just plain utilitarian.

So here we go, stage one. Five at almost random, photographed to see how it works. The T-Shirt Preservation Society convenes its’ inaugural meeting. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Daleks, more Daleks, the Ramones and Sid.