Two court results of the week:

WA: man vandalises a speed camera — $109000 fine
SA: man kills cyclist in hit and run — $3100 fine

Sheesh! Talk about priorities.

At least the South Australian government has just announced a Royal Commission will be enquiring into the handling of the hit and run.

There’s a rally being held to protest against a recent decision in an Adelaide court, which saw lawyer Eugene McGee handed down a $3100 fine and 12 months loss of licence for hitting and killing cyclist Ian Humphreys whilst drink driving in his four wheel drive.

Afraid that he might “damage his career” he didn’t stick around at the scene of the accident. When he was later apprehended by police, McGee was not breath tested or blood tested, even though he admitted to having had 4 or 5 glasses of wine and police admitted to having smelt alcohol on his breath.

Two brothers who stopped to see if they could help at the accident scene claim that their statements to police have been changed, and are baffled as to why they were not called to give evidence in court despite claiming to have witnessed McGee driving erratically at speeds of up to 160kph, then speeding off after hitting the cyclist.

A group called “Wheels of Justice” has formed in SA — they think it’s pretty lousy that it only costs $3000 to kill a cyclist and are holding a rally in Adelaide on the weekend; there is a concurrent action being held at Fed Square from 9.30 am on Saturday 7th May. People who cycle and feel that their lives should be protected by the law are encouraged to bring their bikes and join the rally, which will travel to the steps of Parliament House — pedestrians also welcome.