Good news for the day, GPS tags in EXIF headers of images, flickr tags and googlemaps appear to be all coming together. Geobloggers can display images on maps based on either the tags added to a Flickr image, or (supposedly) pulled straight out of the EXIF headers. I say supposedly, because after tagging five images manually I can find them all1, but attempting to use the EXIF data failed2. As a further test 3, I dredged up and tagged an old photo from that I’d taken in the UK, since googlemaps can only display maps of the USA and UK.


1 In Australia, works, but no map: tags are “”, “” and “”. (37.900°S 145.1106°E)

2 In Australia, doesn’t work: tags are “”, the latitude and longitude are in the EXIF headers. (38.749°S 143.670°W)

3 In the UK, works: tags are “”, “” and “”. (51.537°N -0.904°W).