ajft.org 2005-06-20

Cause and Effect

Chopping firewood yesterday. Aching body today. Cause. Effect. It must be good for me — it certainly is satisfying to belt enormous chunks of tree trunk with a block-splitter and reduce them to handy, bite-sized pieces. There are so many other problems where the block-splitter could be applied too… an example follows.

Grey and windy today. Winter in Melbourne. Bus driver tries to frighten the crap out of me by driving through the red light at Dandenong road. Second time in a week that the bus driver decides he doesn't want to wait for the green but preempts it by two or three seconds. Could get interesting with the one or two motorists who decide to not stop for the red turning arrow the other way…

[revisited] I discovered about a month later that a new law has been passed that allows for a preemptive bus light to let them enter the intersection three seconds before the rest of the traffic — no idea where it was publicised but I sure didn't see it in the paper!