Where’s the BikeCam™ when you need it? Not once, but twice this evening on the way home I came within inches of being flattened by morons who decided not to bother giving way to traffic on the roundabouts. First one was just out of Monash on Woodside avenue, moron in a red station-wagon, Subaru I think, rego. ###-###, flying up Koonawarra street, doesn’t bother to slow, straight out in front as I’m halfway around. There’s that sickening feeling in my throat, in my stomach β€” I can’t stop in time, I can’t get my foot out in time β€” I screech to a stop, jack-knife the front wheel turning to avoid hitting the car door, I nearly fall off. The jack-knife saves me! The front wheel twists out of the way as the idiot shoots past and on his way, somehow I twist back the other way and stay upright, then manage to force down on the pedal, keep riding and not fall off.

Nearly home, most of the way up Haughton road and there’s a Ford sedan waiting at the roundabout in front of me, the two cars in front of me go through, then as I’m part way round, the driver waiting floors it and shoots out in front of me! Not so close this time, I merely brake and swerve and shout and shake my head in disgust.