The civil liberties of some Australians will have to be curtailed in the fight against terrorism, Treasurer Peter Costello says.

Thanks Mr Costello. More and more it seems that the terrorists win. Security becomes the justification for anything and everything.

Our Man of Steel, the Honourable John W. Howard wants thousands more cameras to monitor us every step of the way, meanwhile it seems that carrying a camera is now a suspicious activity. More and more ordinary photographers and tourists seem to be finding themselves harassed or forbidden from taking photos of sights that tens of thousands of people before them have! Shopping centres, Cinemas, airports, government offices, train stations — the famous clocks of could now be out of bounds — Of course, any attempt to photograph a camera that’s photographing you is automatically a subversive act.

Of course you aren’t automatically a terrorist if you’re carrying a camera — be so foolish as to take a photo in a public place that shows anyone under the age of 18 and the other option is that you’re a paedophile!

An interesting thought that occurred to me yesterday though, along with all these places banning cameras as well as banning photography. Approximately 35% of the mobile phones on the market contain a digital camera, and Australia has an 85% penetration rate of mobile phones — so presumably 35% of 85% — eg 29.7% — of the Australian public is forbidden from taking their mobile phones into many of these places…

More monitoring

Italian river ‘full of cocaine’

The results suggested cocaine was in regular use in the areas tested Scientists have found large quantities of cocaine residue in a river in northern Italy - suggesting consumption is much higher than previously thought.

They’ve analysed the river and found that people upstream metabolise cocaine. How long until they start moving upstream to individual drains, streets, or house sewer outlets to track it down and use it as evidence in prosecuting people for consumption?