Dentist appointment at 9 o’clock this morning, just up the road from where — err, from where I lived until last October. Forty-five minute bike ride from home to Richmond now, so I had to get up early — or what passes for early for me! I could have got it down to thirty-five minutes by taking the car and being stuck in the crawling hordes on the freeway, by bike in the sunshine was far more appealing. Pink and white blossom is out on all the trees along the way, as are all the wattles in various shades of yellow — I do miss that ride to work!

Somehow I managed to find every piece of road-works between Oakleigh and Richmond; a council digging up Poath road, contractors repairing the bike track where it is splitting and sliding into Gardiners creek (finally, its only taken then five years to start that!), other road-works mysteries on Yarra boulevard and in Malvern. The leaking sewer and assorted lumps and bumps are all still where I remember them on the track, some houses have gone, bulldozed in the night, building sites have finally been finished. Its amazing how quickly some parts of the route change.