Greyness, wind, drizzle, and bad coffee. The variability of spring covers some of them, but the bad coffee is inexcusable. The Hargraves café — sorry, HG Café, as it is now trendily known — has gone all American and is trying to imitate all the big franchises. All the coffees come in disposable paper cups, unless you insist on a real cup. “Small, medium or large?” is the next question. You half expect: “Do you want fries with that?“ For some reason I went in at lunch time, a momentary escape from building 28. What I got was not a cup of coffee, it was a glass of warm milk.

At least the music keeps me sane. Last Thursday as we drove home I caught the tail end of the Australian Mood on RRR, the end of a brief piece on a band I hadn’t heard for more than two decades! The Thought Criminals now have a web site! Not only that, but they’ve released a double CD and all the songs can be freely downloaded from the site. I started to download them, then decided why bother, ordered the CD. Today it arrived in the mail and as a result I’ve been reliving my youth, with vague memories from the early 1980s and bands and the Civic hotel and the old ANU bar….