Sunny day, no wind, definitely time to get out on the bike. Jo and I did our usual ride down North road to the bay, then down Beach road to Mordialloc. Interesting mix of barricades around Mentone since there was a triathlon running and the road had been closed, but only closed to motorised traffic! Apparently other cyclists are allowed to mix with the competing triathletes, which sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Fun and games started on the way back up the bay. Somewhere around Brighton we were riding with about four others, single file on a four lane road. Screaming, shouting, abuse and roaring of engine, the usual suspects go flying past. Four young guys, P-plates on the car, exaust pipe the size of a coffee-tin. The most impressive part was the front passenger half out of the window, screaming at us to “get off the f#$%ing road”, while swinging his fist and trying to punch us as he passed! Not sure of the plate, ###-###, a red car, probably a Nissan Bluebird, but with all the badges and chrome removed. Didn’t get enough of a description to bother with going to the police, as they’ll only give me the usual run-around of requiring a full identikit of the driver — merely describing the car is never enough!

When will someone do something about these dickheads?

Onwards back around to Port Melbourne where Jo dropped her new bike off for its service and went off to catch public transport while I rode home. For some reason I decided to clock up a few extra kilometres and ended up riding back down to Mentone, then came home up Warrigal road — never an interesting ride, with neanderthal motorists and narrow lanes, but it certainly helped clock up the distance! First ride of over 100km in a very long time!