Just get out of bed a little early, get on the bike, ride into South Melbourne and get to a training course. Not too hard, is it?

I intended to leave at 7:30, since I was fairly sure that the advertised 8:30 start was really “08:30 for 9:00.” Didn’t manage to leave the house until 07:40, off through Murrumbeena and along Dandenong road. Somewhere along Normany road in Caulfield there’s a tram turning left and I can’t quite see the roadsign through the windows — it must be Inkerman street so I turn too. Play tag with the tram all the way down to St Kilda where I realised that I was on the wrong road! Not too wrong, just one road south of where I wanted to be. Around the Esplanade, then back up Johnson street and left into Canterbury road.

Lots of glass in the bike lane, a bike lane less than the width of road bike’s handlebars in places, and lined with parked cars the entire way! Definitely a dangerous place to be, but I’m pretty much the only traffic moving past the bumper-to-bumper cars all the way to South Melbourne.

Not quite sure of where to turn, guessed correctly, then turned left instead of straight ahead into Montague street — no problem, simply do a u-turn through six lanes of rush hour traffic. Off up a block or so, cross at the pedestrian lights to where EXCOM is…

Damn! Seems that EXCOM have moved out of that building and there’s no sign of where too! Stupidly, I didn’t check my confirmation notes about the booking since I knew where they were located!

A quick look around, then duck in to ask at the printing shop next door, after all, the building they’re in is called “EXCOM house.” They’ve never heard of EXCOM! But by coincidence one of them is doing a print job for the company, grabs the folder and reads me the address — luckily its just around the corner so I make it round there only ten minutes or so late!