Good news or the bad news? Good news is that I’ve got my photos back from Kodak, although the prints don’t seem to be the same quality as I’d expect, and the CD seems to come from a third party… Are they subcontracting out their work? Is digital photography biting them that hard? Bad news seems to be that all the time and date information that the APS camera records on each frame has been omitted from the prints and the scans. I’ve got a helpful “24.03.2005 — 04.12.2005” printed on the index print, and that’s all.

It’ll be another case of a few hours of leafing through old journals and comparing notes to find when they were taken. At least most of them seem to be grouped on a few major days; , , and the . .

One other good thing may have come of it though. The CD of images seems to have been created by QFL Photos, and has their website printed on the disk. My curiosity took me there and I found that they’ll scan exposed APS films to CD for around $10 a roll. Maybe I’ll finally get all those old films scanned!

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