Australia day, a holiday, relief from work but not from the weather. A maximum of around 40 °C again, hot winds, and the smell of smoke from the bushfires around Melbourne. In traditional aussie fashion the petrol retailers spiked the price up by 10c a litre for the holiday to gouge everyone going away, and then to ensure that I couldn’t sleep in this morning the garbos came around at 5:20, despite the council assuring us that they are forbidden from starting before six.

Definitely not a day to be outside, so I spent most of the morning annotating the photos from back in 1998, the first three rolls of my 1998 trip to Portugal and Spain are now finally on CD and available here (APS rolls [299-421, [074-789] and [074-802]). A total of 21 rolls of APS film over the seven years, seven of them I’ve had scanned onto CD, fourteen to go….

Multi-cultural food, I think this happened last year too. Lunch of Lebanese bread from the Vietnamese bakery, Italian olive oil, home grown tomatoes and North African dukkah. It all seemed to work out OK, no fighting or racist comments from the plate. Pizza and beer for dinner at Silvios, too hot to cook at home tonight.

Tried to stay up to watch a movie on TV, for first time in months I think, and only because channel nine is supposedly showing Mad Max 2. Ten o’clock they said in the programme. Ten o’clock came and went … five past, ten past, quarter past … still no sign of the movie. The ugly great watermark is plastered over the cricket, the ads keep coming on. I gave up. I remember now — this is why I don’t bother with TV. Get stuffed channel nine, you butcher the shows — not that the other channels are any different — and can’t even be bothered to show them when you say you will. I’ll hire it on DVD.

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