The bow of 'Ericsson' in the Volvo 70 race

Laziness and beer-poisoning meant no bike riding yesterday. Enthusiasm took hold this morning, together with the knowledge that the around-the-world yachts have been in Melbourne for a few weeks now and will probably leave before I manage to get off my bum and see them!

Out on the tandem and down to Blackrock, a big sweeping roundabout to turn around at, then back up the bay to head in to Docklands. Standard tandem comment floated our way, “the one on the back’s not pedalling.” Seems that the one on the back must have been, since we then passed them doing 40km/hr up the hill.

Around Port Melbourne and zigzag down some likely looking back streets — surprisingly finding that we could cut through a tiny segment of path at the end of a cul-de-sac and onto the main cycle path that parallels the 109 tram route! Up past Jeff’s shed and around to Docklands, then slowly slowly cruise around the myriad of pedestrians meandering along the shared pathways.

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