The end is in sight! Three rolls back on one CD, and the CD that I returned last week to be rescanned — I’ll get to that one in a minute. The 2000 Bike NSW Big Ride, a few weeks in Johannesburg, and the miscellaneous cruft that fills in the spaces in between. Once again, there’s date stamps and titles to be manually appended, then they’ll be available for perusal — #647-551, #374-343 and #700-204 — and then there’ll only be five rolls to go.

I would have thought that after a phone call to QFL last week explaining the problem; then returning a CD that contains 23 images together with a film that contains 25, and a note stating that 2 images were missing would be sufficient to get it rescanned. Apparently not, its been returned with a note stating: “We have checked the CD and all photos appear on this. Do you know which two were missing?” Um, 25 minus 23 is two missing, why can’t they find them?

Either I’m going crazy, or the printed index sheet from five years ago shows photos 1 to 25. The CD that I’ve got here has 23 images, but images #23 and #24 are missing. Surely if I can spot this then so can the staff at QFL? Guess I’ve got to send it back to them a second time, together with the index print and a note asking them to count to twenty-five….