Okay, I’ve collected the CD of my two rolls of film, that’s the last of my 21 rolls of APS film completed, and not before time too! QFL have excelled themselves this time. No, not by missing a frame or some other stuff up like that, this time they’ve sent me back the CD, two empty APS cartridges, and the exposed film rolled up, squashed and loose in the envelope! How the hell am I meant to get it back into the cartridges?

I’m glad the whole business is over because I doubt very much that I will ever have anything to do with QFL again! Appalling care and attention that the seem to have with everything they do. I rang up to ask them what on earth they were doing and was told I’d have to send the lengths of film and cartridges back so they can have a look at them! Told them no way was I sending any film to them ever again, and have been told that “a service manager will call you back”.

Providing they haven’t stuffed the images up as well — I haven’t checked fully — after titles and dates and resizing are completed then #077-145 and #698-464 will be visible here.

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