First time in a week or so that I’ve managed to have a real lunch break and get away from cow-orkers and computers for a while. Today I took off for half an hour to sit under my favourite tree and read some more of my sadly-neglected copy of Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver. Back at my desk at 1 pm, made myself comfortable and was just starting back into the next lot of impossible tasks when YEOOWW!!! — a needle-like pain in my back. Was wondering what the hell it was when YEOOWW!!! it happened again. I shuffled about and stuck my hand up my shirt, thinking I’d got a splinter in there… hmmm, nothing. “What was it that — YEOOWWW!!!!”.

There was a three centimetre long bullant sitting on my shirt busily biting me every time I leant back and squashed it between me and my chair. It must have come down from my favourite tree…. Damn it hurts!

Bizarrely, for all the time I spent playing in the bushland and parks as a kid and endlessly poking sticks into bullants’ nests, this is the first time I can ever recall one of them biting me!

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