My latest toy; a Garmin Edge 305

Purchased Thursday, arrived Friday, broken Saturday! Saturday morning I plugged the Edge into the laptop and turned it on, it fired up the Garmin software, declared that there was no data to download (so I guess I didn’t record anything on the ride home yesterday) and then powered it off.

After that I found I couldn’t switch it on at all, and plugging it in to the laptop results in a Windows message telling me that the device is faulty and needs to be either unplugged and plugged back in, or replaced.

Later in the evening I could switch it on, but it promptly turned itself off again. Dead flat battery? I fully charged it Friday afternoon and it was only on for twenty minutes or so! Annoyingly, I’d left the charger at work so I couldn’t investigate further.

Today I plugged the Edge into the charger at 9 am and left it on until it said fully charged, noon, three hours later! No idea how it can have completely flattened the battery on Saturday, although I have my suspicions that a software bug killed it when it was disconnected from the USB cable.

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