There’s a cycling film festival on at RMIT for the next four days called Celluloid Cycles, we didn’t think we’d need to pre-purchase tickets to the first night’s session. We were wrong! After racing home from work, leaping on the train and getting into the city for 6:30 we found that it was completely sold out.

A beer for consolation at Transport while we plotted our next move…. Yeow! A $6 beer for consolation, that’ll probably be the first and last from there! Back up to RMIT to purchase tickets for Sunday night — at least we’ll get to see the other movies we want to see — then an evening walk around the CBD. I just never go into the city, I’ve no idea where anything is. There seem to be even more small Asian cafés and bars than ever before, or maybe its just the turnover in streets where there didn’t use to be bars.

The other movie? That was a DVD purchase of The Triplettes of Belleville, an odd mix of an NTSC region 4 DVD, hopefully it will play at home! Also accompanied by CD boxed sets of both the Laughing Clowns and Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison and San Quentin.

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