It’s a mess. There’s no escaping it. I hate to think how many hundred pages exist in here, and they’re nearly all hand-crafted (or maybe hand-crufted) in some way. I don’t want to use a CMS I’d much prefer a structure full of documents and Makefiles and then automate the whole. On the other hand, I’ve never actually managed to get it to work, always too easy to just keep doing one manual bodge after another.

Two commments last night at dinner really brought it home though, one person asked me whether I still put the photos that I took here in my own photo album, since they found it so hard to find them. The other one asked what on earth FoaF was, since when they’d done a google search on their own name, the top entry was something part-way through my FoaF file. It is time to perform some tidy-up work. Time to write out a list of requirements and fix those things that always seem to wait for mañana.

OK, I want:

  • a lot more commonality in my code!
  • no broken links
  • validated XHTML markup
  • photo searches by when or where they were taken, by collection, by who or what is depicted