Oof! Exausted. Nine o’clock dentist appointment just around the corner… just around the corner from where I used to live in Richmond! Hop on the bike and head into town, arrived five minutes early then had to wait half an hour for the dentist to get to work — he needs to ditch the car and get a bike!

After the dentist I thought “I’ll just nip over to the Crumpler shop in Fitzroy, maybe see about a replacement for my aging item, especially with the material falling apart and the seams coming undone….” They don’t open until 10:30, so there’s coffee to be had to make the time pass, then a lap of Collingwood and Fitzroy, then finally back and into the shop.

The five minute visit turned into half an hour when they offered to stitch up the seams where it’s all falling apart “it’ll only take ten minutes.” Can’t really complain though, no more holes to lose pens and coins through, and a big new buckle into the bargain. Almost new again, it might last another eight years!

Now it really was time to get to work, so I thought I’d take the quickest route — straight through the middle of the CBD, St Kilda road and then Dandenong road…. Oops, seems that there are 100,000 protesters in the city today, the whole of Swanston street was choked. Back out, around, zigzag and get confused, then all the way back out to Clayton, finally starting work around lunchtime!

Oh yeah, and after too many months of only riding five kilometres to and from work, my legs are feeling stuffed. I am becoming the proverbial fat and lazy bastard….