I’d finally got around to taking the mountain bike in to the shop last week to see about the leaking oil seals, thinking of course that only the seals needed replacing. Got the phone call, the anodising has been all worn off the fork legs and Rockshox don’t make or don’t stock spares for 2000-2001 SIDs anymore, or if they do they’re several hundred dollars just for the legs.

I was offered a second-hand but unused pair of “seven or eight hundred dollar Springer” forks for $500 fitted, should probably have done a little more checking around first because I said yes. First time I looked once I really knew the model name — but after I’d paid — had the forks for around $430! Another learning experience, even friends in bike shops are in business first. On the other hand, the amount of servicing and adjustment that was done for “no charge” probably more than makes up the difference!

Along the way the headset was replaced as well, this was definitely needed, the old bearing races were very pitted and worn — loose balls now, I’m sure it’ll feel so much better when I ride.

Not as good as new, maybe better, definitely different — Norky bike just keeps on changing and mutating over the years.