An interesting conversation with the local council’s planning office today; I decided to call them up and query our neighbour’s actions on of cutting down the tree that was expressly retained on their planning permit. Half way through explaining the permit’s application, objection, and granting history the women interrupted with “… and let me guess, they’ve cut down the tree.” . When I replied yes, it was met with “Why does that not surprise me in the least — oh, I shouldn’t say things like that, um hang on, I’ll put you onto the planner officer responsible for that case.”

Explained the story again, and once again was met by an unsurprised audience. It sounds a little too common to leave the trees in the plan to make it all look green and friendly and environmentally responsible, then once the permission arrives, to bulldoze the lot and concrete it for ease of development. The Senior Statutory Planner will investigate further and call me back….