Are we ready? Picnic blanket — check, lunch stuff — check, camera — check, non-open-toed shoes to appease the lawyers — check, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat — check, off we go then! Half-way up Warrigal road…. Aarrgh! The birthday present! It is not advisable to go to a four-year-old’s birthday without the present! Back home we go, race inside, then off again, quarter of an hour late.

A fun afternoon celebrating, all the family headed out to Eltham for a trip on the Diamond Valley Railway, followed by a picnic lunch and chocolate cake. It would be a close run thing whether the first or the last of those three was the most important for the guest of honour.


Hilight for me was definitely the ride on the train, these guys have one serious model train set! Oops, apparently it is a miniature railway not a model train. Four dollars a ride, twice around on what must be a fairly sizeable figure-eight folded over on itself, I have to think how much money and how many hours have gone into building and maintaining it all.