Ouch! I’ve never felt really happy with the way that the Edge clipped into its mounting bracket, the bracket always seemed a little too flimsy and the unit a little too heavy…. Well today it proved me right, coming into the Uni. I hit the speedhump and it flew out of the bracket, hit the deck and shattered the display. Hunted around and found that GME Electrophone is the local agent for Garmin repairs, so gave them a call (+61.3.9798.0988). Seems that just like Canon last year, no real repairs get done anywhere other than Sydney. Posted it off to GME in Sydney for repairs — hopefully under warranty.


  • : Rang up the Melbourne office of GME to get the phone number for the Sydney office of GME to find out what has happened to my Edge. “It couldn’t be repaired so we’re waiting for a replacement unit.” Nice of them to call me and tell me, but that would be customer service and apparently that just isn’t done! At least when I asked about the broken mounting bracket that I’d forgotten to send she promised to send one.

  • : One month and two days later a new Edge 305 (serial #37465581) appears at the door. A single sheet of paper with the text “repairs quoted more than replacement value.” Sadly, despite the verbal promise, there is no replacement mounting bracket so I now have three bikes, one Edge and only one mounting bracket.