At the moment, Thursdays seem to be crap days.

Woken — yet again — at 5 am by garbage trucks then while riding to work I was hit by a truck at a set of traffic lights.

At the corner of North road and Clayton road I know that there’s usually a left-turn arrow, so I’d stopped at the far right-hand side of the lane to let traffic turn with the arrow, five or six cars turned through with plenty of room, then the small tow-truck pulled up on my left, the driver yelled out the window “Fucken idiot get out of the way” and with that promptly drove left around the corner — striking me with the tray of the truck as it went around and pushing me half a metre over into the car next to me!

Thanks mate, glad to know that getting that truck around that corner was more important than my life and me.

I guess next time I just won’t bother trying to be helpful to other road users and letting them pass, I’ll just sit in the centre of the lane and let them wait — that is unless this idiot truck driver comes up behind me, in which case he’ll probably just swear again and drive over me.