Customer support my ass!

Second round of the BigPond . Between lunch time and now I’ve exchanged six emails with the BigPond help staff and gone over the same ground — I can login to, I can see my bill, but I cannot email my bill to myself. Once again the email query has reached an impasse and I have to telephone 13xxxxxx whatever and play the interactive menu games.

Once again I have to identify myself and give a full verbal description of the problem and then the technical staff tell me that it is a billing problem and that they can’t help me.

Once again I’m transferred to the billing people and have to again identify myself and again describe the problem, then they tell me that its a technical problem and that they can’t help me!

I explain that I’ve been around this loop before and it isn’t fixing the problem — this time I get both a technical and a billing person on the line at the same time and once again tell them the story.

They start trying to talk me through the procedure in Mickey-mouse words for flushing the Internet Explorer cache and clearing the cookies and I explain — again — that the problem can be reproduced on any one of six different computers, over four days at two locations, three operating systems, three web-browsers, any computer of any OS or browser that I walk up to.

Then I’m told that there is a current problem with the BigPond website that has been going on for a few days that some people can’t even login and to wait a couple of days and try again…. I pointed out that it would be nice if this service outage was listed on their service outages page!

I’m almost suspicious of these mystery unpublished service outages, I get the feeling that they’re quite handy for fobbing off customers who have odd technical problems — especially on a Friday afternoon.