Stupidly hot today, the rest of the family escaped to the coast leaving me to get hot and grumpy by myself, rather than hot and grumpy in the company of others — something that is never pleasant for the others.

I’d gone in to work earlier than normal as the temperature was already climbing towards, or maybe even past, 30 °C but its still simpler and quicker to ride in slowly for fifteen minutes than to take walk to the station, catch a train, wait at the station, catch a bus, then walk ten minutes to get to work.

During the day people seemed to spend half their time watching the temperature climb inexorably upwards — apparently if we have three days in a row of 43 °C or more it’ll set a record for Melbourne.

Hanging around after work wasn’t making it cool down, turns out the highest temperature of the day was at 18:15! I think it was around 42 °C when I rode home, slowly, carefully, and frequently squirting myself with the drink bottle.