ajft.org Why ajft?

Why ajft?


Well they're my initials, and as far as I can tell I'm the only ajft on the WWW…. If you're after a photo of me, here's a copy of my Monash staff photo from about the end of the 20th century.

My FoaF file gives all the boring details:


I have managed to find a couple of other AJFTs out there in the world.

  • G-AJFT was a british-registered Vickers Viking 1B aircraft, registered to Airways and Air Safaris.
  • In the game Alien 3, the cheat code AJFT-AA66 enables you to Never lose radar.

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URL: http://ajft.org/

Location: Melbourne, Australia
PGP key: 0x7ccad394

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Generally I'll use ajft as my login, if allowed. Some sites require a minimum length of 6 character login names, so there I'll be ajft64.

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