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  1. Coffeeneuring 2019 no. 4 β€” Kennet river koffee

  2. Coffeeneuring 2019 no. 2 β€” A cunning Monday plan

  3. Coffeeneuring 2018 no. 3 β€” Mountain ash, tree ferns, bad coffee

  4. Two days of Black cockatoos

  5. Last bike ride of 2017 β€” Jamieson, Curtis & Sharps tracks

  6. img_1567

    Sulphur-crested cockatoo on the balcony at Lorne

  7. img_1565

    Sulphur Crested cockatoos on the balcony at Lorne

  8. A Quick walk in the forest

  9. The Birds, the birds!

  10. Deadly Treadly Tour, day 2: Mirboo North to Tarwin Lower