Where to start? Why is this page here?

I guess I have some interest in the older machines, they’re the ones that got me into this mess. Once I’d added the older ones in here, the current ones just seemed to push their own way onto the page.


An assortment of computers that I’ve owned over the years. Some of them I still own β€” they’re just too hard to get rid of.

  • slaptop: a Windows laptop, first from ASUS, then from MSI
  • fafnir: my current linux box, replacing wyvern; first a Shuttle X51 PentiumIV (2005), then an i7 from BudgetPC (2011)
  • wyvern: my old linux box; a P100, then a PII, then a PIII.
  • PentiumII: the current wyvern
  • Pentium: the original wyvern
  • A4000: Amiga 4000
  • TI99/4A: Texas Instruments 99/4A (approx. 1986)
  • A1000: Amiga 1000 (1985)
  • Coco: Tandy Color Computer (1979 or 1980)