I broke it, I’ll fix it….

Old rail trestle bridge between Bruthen and Wiseleigh

Copies of photos I’ve taken, mostly just snap-shot quality, but some are worse! Here they are organised by which roll of film or date-based upload they are on, elsewhere they are used on other pages. The folder titles are loosely related to the contents, I had a habit of taking photos so infrequently that film-based rolls lasted for ages, so the title of a roll of film might apply to some or all of the contents.

Its all undergoing a bit of a restructure. Initially I had folders of all the photos from a roll of film, then when I started using a digital camera I was loading photos in here in folders that corresponded to the date I emptied the camera. Completely arbitrary, so as of about December 2004 I started splitting the photos up by the day that I took them, and linking them into each day in the journal. So I haven’t stopped taking photos — I’m just putting them somewhere else. They’re all tagged to varying degrees of accuracy; time, date, location, contents — I’ll add in some searching here one day… and along the way I promise not to break any existing links.

Link style Description
/photos/299-421 First iteration, APS films
/photos/YYYY_MM_DD digital by date of upload
/photos/YYYY-MM-DD digital photos by date taken
/photos/YYYY-nnnn 35mm scanned rolls
/photos/YYYYMMDD blosxom version
/YYYY/MM/DD/photos the most recent option

June 2006 and it was still all a mess. It wasn’t just me that noticed the mess, I was asked whether I still put my photos here, and why were they so hard to find. That’s it then! Definitely time for a rethink.

While I fiddle about here, I also keep some of my photos on Flickr — because everyone has photos on Flickr, some on Fotothing — because I fell in touch with Fotothing’s developer while finding out about annotating photos, and some on Fotonomy.

When I get it all written and working, you’ll be able to look at photos individually — but that’s easy — or by album or collection, and hopefully by who or what is in them, or when or where they were taken.

Scanned rolls of APS film

APS roll Starting date Finish date Description
299-421 (15) Lisbon to Tomar, Portugal
074-789 (25) Tomar to Cordoba, Portugal & Spain
074-802 (35) Cordoba to Granada, Spain
500-484 (45) Granada to Barcelona, Spain
931-369 (55) Spain, the UK, and a party at home
931-348 Murray Marathon and BV Tasmanian Bike Ride
201-383 Easter Deadly Treadly, 1999 RTA Big Ride, Blurred Wedding
379-986 Misc. APS photos, various subjects
647-548 Mostly the 2000 RTA Big Ride
647-551 ??? 2000 RTA Big Ride, misc
374-343 A fancy-dress party, and around Johannesburg
700-204 ??? South Africa and Christmas 2000
855-129 South Africa
147-839 Magaliesburg South Africa, 2001 RTA Big Ride
902-122 2001 Easter Deadly Treadly and UK Cycling trip
711-119 (25) South-west UK, Jersey Zoo, St Malo to Bordeaux, France
077-145 (35) Wide Open Road Bordeax to the Alps bike ride #1
698-464 (45) Tarn Gorge to l’Alpe d’Huez, France
837-630 (55) Tour de France, UK, Lorne, Melbourne people and parties, Floriade
865-187 An unloved APS film: Oct. 2001 to Dec. 2003!
866-142 my last ever APS film?

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