Each year for the past few years I try and ride as often as I can, my reasoning is that if I can’t go far, at least I can go often! Best effort to date was 2017 when I managed to ride 363 of 365 days, succumbing to the flu and staying in bed for two days in September. Rules are minimal; on the bike and over 1km, hopefully over 1.6km to satisfy those who aren’t metric and insist on at least a mile. Added degree of difficulty, this year is a leap year.

Results so far: [196366]


It took me until [2020-06-21 Sun] to publish this publically, here’s the ugly little bash snippet I use to generate a ticklist of dates:

while [ "$d" != 2021-01-01 ]; do
  date +" - [ ] [%F %a]" -d $d
  d=$(date -I -d "$d + 1 day");

Last update – [2020-07-14 Tue].